What is a webinar?
Webinar(or Web-based seminar) is a term used for a seminar/workshop that is delivered via web conferencing. It allows people in different locations to communicate in real-time over the Internet. A webinar uses the benefits of the Internet to combine graphics (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) with voice and/or video and a range of interactive tools such as polling/voting, chat and a ‘hand raising’ feature to indicate that you have a question or comment. It may also include document sharing, a whiteboard and web surfing features to aid in demonstration and communication. The multimedia benefits of a webinar offer a powerful and effective way of communication and thus provide a value-added channel of publicity/promotion for your company.
Webinar can help you to:
Promote new products
Introduce a new technology or application to the market
Train your customers or your company’s sales/dealer network
Generate new sales leads
Hold a press event
Attract visitors during trade show
Why choose Ringier webinar service?
1. One stop service with dedicated webinar project manager (Will oversee your webinar to reach your objectives requirement from start to finish)
2. Multiple promotion platforms
3. Customized and targeted email campaign
4. Access to our market-leading database