Agile Production Scheduling and Control to mitigate production disruption

Fri, Oct 23rd 2020, 15:00 to Fri, Oct 23rd 2020, 16:00 (GMT +08:00)

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With current market uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic – intermittent shortages of raw materials, staff availability and others.  The ability for FTS/OEMs to react quickly and be able to operate in this dynamic situation requires operational flexibility and full visibility of the entire manufacturing process.

In this session, we will share how FTS/OEMs, regardless of company size, in the Automotive Industry can quick start and kickstart their digitization strategy during this disruption.  By gain optimization in their resource planning and utilization, while gaining greater visibility and control of the production processes to eliminate bottlenecks; to ensure on-time delivery and order fulfillments.




Topic Highlight

From strategic planning to detailed scheduling, Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is essential for anticipating manufacturing resource availability; orchestrating efficient use of material and resources, people, and machines; while catering for dynamic customers’ demand and schedule pressure.

Whether it is to streamline current operations or to mitigate a major global disruption, clear visibility into utilization and capacity planning - ability to staggered working shifts when the needs arises, sudden shortages of manpower and/or raw materials, helps the organization to make informed decisions.

Learn from this webinar how organization, regardless of company sizes, can move towards operational excellence to create highly efficient manufacturing operations while staying resilient during business disruptions; and why many manufacturers embarked on their digitization journey with APS as their key strategy. 






Felisia Tjhie is Channel Sales Director of Siemens Digital Industries Software based in Indonesia. In this role, she is responsible for developing the Indonesian market by identifying, recruiting and enabling channel partners to articulate Siemens Digitalization solutions.  

With more than 9 years’ experience in enterprise software solution selling, primarily in the automotive, aerospace & defense, heavy-construction and transportation sectors; Felisia understands the challenges these industries faced during this technology disruption.  She applies her deep understanding of enterprise software solution to help local companies’ transit to Digitalization, with the support of her Channel Partners.


Gururaj Bengeri is a Business Development Consultant working in the Asia-Pacific presales organization for Siemens PLM Software. He has been working with Siemens for more than 19 years, consulting with both green field & brown field customers and helping them understand the value and the benefit from a full enterprise digitalization strategy.






Fri, Oct 23rd 2020, 15:00 
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Fri, Oct 23rd 2020, 16:00 (GMT +08:00)

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The Siemens Digital Industries division handles all of Siemens AG’s “Digital Enterprise” portfolio. The Software business unit (formerly known as Siemens PLM Software) is a market leader in design, simulation and manufacturing software across various industries. Since the acquisition of Mentor Graphics for $5bn Siemens Digital Industries places a particular focus in the digitalization of the electronics industries and in supporting customers to bring the design, planning and execution of products together that include electrical, mechanical and software components. Siemens Digital Industries holds the strong believe that this characterizes the future of most if not all products in all industries moving forward. 

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