Moldflow application in automobile plastic products and mold development

Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 14:00 to Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 15:00 (GMT +08:00)

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Moldflow solutions are a reference in the automotive industry and wildly used by the engineers for automotive plastic products design and mold development. 

Thanks to Moldflow simulation analysis, product and mold design engineers can quickly and easily identify defects or flaws in the product and mold design. 

Since 2008, the leading Chinese vehicle manufacturer Autodesk has been using Moldlfow to develop automotive plastic products. Autodesk has been recognized one of the best Moldflow solutions users in China and won the Moldlfow Masters award for 3 consecutive years.


For this “Moldflow application in automobile plastic products and mold development” Webinar, we have invited the director of Chang'an Automobile Company, Mr.Chen Lei.

Based on his experience, Mr Chen Lei will show you through case studies and demonstrations how Moldflow has improved the mold flow analysis and shorten the product development cycles at Chang'an Automobile Company.


If you want to know all the secrets of success in your plastic products design and mold development don’t miss this webinar! Register here

1. Automotive plastic products and mold design development
2. Moldflow specific application case study for automotive field
3. Tips to improve the quality of automotive plastic products (Trouble shooting)
4. Moldflow application processes and methods
5. Simulation applications of automotive plastic products development



The Webinar is in Chinese. 

The video record is coming soon.



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Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 14:00 
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Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 15:00 (GMT +08:00)

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