ASEAN Processing and Packaging solutions for Functional Food and Beverages

2022-12-07 00:14-00:16(Singapore)
2022-12-07 00:14-00:16

Conference introduction Technologies for maintaining shelf life and overall product quality More than ever, sustainability and health continue to drive interest in functional food and beverages. Consumers are looking not just for satiety and enjoyment in products – they also want to feel good nutritionally. Functional food and beverage may refer to products that contain physiologically active nutrients; these can help prevent or slow chronic diseases and promote better overall health. Functional ingredients are also known as nutraceuticals and phytochemicals. Some food and beverage have health-promoting ingredients on their own, but others are made by manufacturers that add certain ingredients to give them health-promoting properties, such as vitamin D-fortified milk, iodized salt, and breakfast cereals fortified with vitamins and minerals. Given the growing interest in this category, our conference will focus on the trends and new developments in processing, and packaging of functional foods and beverages, and touch on the latest functional ingredients for creating delicious but healthy products. We will also tackle related policy in the Southeast Asia market. Contact: Ms. Jacqueline Huang Mail: Hotline: +886-4-23297318 Visit and Register: